Horse Riding Centre

Learning to ride a horse is a dream for many. On top of the thrill of galloping through fields and connecting with nature, there are a lot of health benefits to riding. Some may be thinking of buying their own horse as a pet. Others may have aspirations to follow riding as a sport.
Whatever your reason for getting on the saddle may be, our horse riding centre is certain to provide what you need. Established in 1974, Birr House Riding Centre have helped train many riders to professional abilities and have been able to grow our facilities to cater for a wide range of equestrian pursuits.

What do we provide?

Our horse riding centre provides a multitude of different exciting services

· Single riding lessons
· Weekly courses
· Training for exams
· Pony days
· Riding days for the disabled
· Livery
· Competition and events hosting

Birr House Riding Centre is British Horse Society Approved, so you can guarantee top quality training. We are also able to provide memberships to the Pony Club for anyone eager to join.

Our extensive facilities include stables, an indoor school, two outdoor schools, a cross country course, show jumps and lecture rooms. For experienced riders wanting to take their horse-riding to the next level, our horse riding centre can allow you to diversify and further your hobby.

Who is welcome?

Everyone is welcome at our horse riding centre. On a weekly basis we help train everyone from children to senior adults. Horse-riding is physically intensive so may not be suitable for people with a heart condition or other physical ailments. However, quite often, there are ways to get around these conditions. For example, we often host riding days for the disabled, which are also popular amongst disabled schools.

Horse-riding at sports level is a great core workout and could be great for those wanting to get fit. Its also a great stress buster and can make a great new focus for those looking for a new hobby.

When it comes to ability, we’re also equipped to deal with everyone from the absolute beginner to professional riders. We also have spectator events organised throughout the year.

Where can you find us?

Our horse riding centre is located north east of Belfast and north of Dundonald. You can find us on the map here.

For enquiries on lessons or other activities, you can contact me us by phone at 028 9042 5858 or by emailing us at