Horse Riding school

Looking to take up horse-riding lessons? Whether you’ve rode a horse before or are a complete novice, our horse riding school is perfect place to learn the ropes (or indeed the reins).

Established in 1974, we have bounteous amounts of instructing experience behind us. Our broad facilities also include the opportunity to learn skills such as show jumping and cross country riding. From basic training to professional qualifications, our horse riding school has the resources to teach it all. 

The health benefits of horse-riding

Most people think horse-riding isn’t physical and that it’s the horse doing all the work. They couldn’t be more wrong. Horse-riding can in fact be great exercise for anyone wanting an exciting alternative to going to the gym.

Here are just some of the health benefits that you could achieve from coming to our horse riding school and learning to ride:

· Improved posture
· Core strengthening
· Thigh, pelvic and back muscle toning
· Improved balance and co-ordination
· Stress relief and mental benefits

A unique kind of sport

Getting into horse-riding opens up doors to competitions and other challenges. If you’ve been looking for a new sport with a difference, horse riding could be it.

Even if you’re already an experienced rider, our diverse facilities may be able you to expand your horizons. Ever wanted to get into jumping? We can train you the basics and eventually get you entering competitions.

At our horse riding school we don’t only offer training – we also host many events including races and jumping competitions. Anyone from the public is welcome to come as a spectator.

Be one with nature

Taking lessons at our horse riding school also helps many stay in touch with their inner hippie. Horse riding is predominantly an outdoor activity and it gives you a whole new way to explore the country side.

You also get the chance to create a bond with these beautiful animals. Many get into horse riding because they simply love horses. We can help you to not just learn to ride, but to teach you the elements that go into horse care – useful if you’ve had aspirations of one day owning a horse. With us you can begin to learn the steps of looking after these creatures including mucking out, grooming and horse training.

An activity for anyone and everyone

We believe that horse-riding is an activity that everyone can partake in. All ages are welcome to come along – we have specialist classes for children. We also have riding days for the disabled. Certain health ailments or disabilities can make horse-riding more difficult but if you get in contact with us we may be able to plan ahead and find a way of accommodating your needs.

How do I book a lesson?

For more information on lesson costs and availability, feel free to ring us up on 028 9042 5858. You can also email any queries to