Adult Horse Riding Lessons

Why learn to ride a horse?

Most people probably don’t need a reason to learn to ride. In fact, if you’re visiting this site, chances are that you’re already interested.

The majority of people get involved in horse riding because they have a love of horses. Forming a bond with these mighty animals is indeed one of the biggest incentives, but there are other benefits to horse-riding too. Learning to ride is great for our health, giving us all the physical and mental benefits of the great outdoors whilst exercise our core and sense of balance, increasing joint mobility and improving cardiovascular fitness.

At Birr House Riding Centre we offer great first time child and adult horse riding lessons. We aim to make learning fun and easy. There’s no denying that it can be challenging. But like all sports and hobbies it can give you a great sense of motivation and self-fulfilment – something that we love to see as trainers!

Why you should choose us

We’ve got a lot of experience behind us at Birr House Riding Centre. In fact, we’ve been teaching people how to ride since 1974. Over the years, our facilities have expanded to include two outdoor schools, an indoor school, livery facilities, show jumps and a cross country course. We’re British Horse Society Approved and are revered amongst the horse riding community. If you’re looking for adult horse riding lessons, we’re certain to provide the professional instructing you need.

We cater for all abilities

Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first try at adult horse riding lessons or a veteran jockey looking to expand your skills, our facilities have it all. We’re able to train you up for exams and qualifications and if you’d like to specialise in an area such as show jumping or cross country, we can help you with that too.

As already mentioned, we provide both child and adult horse riding lessons. As a result, families can learn together. On top of helping you to learn to ride, we can also help to teach you elements of horsecare for those that may be thinking of owning a horse.
We also host riding days for the disabled giving the disadvantaged the chance to experience the joy of riding too.

Other services we offer

On top of lessons, we regularly host events such as competitions. We welcome spectators to come along and watch and you can find all times to events here on our website or by following our social media page.

We also house a number of ponies as well as horses and offer pony days for those wanting to acquaint themselves with these smaller steeds.

We also offer events for those with Pony Club memberships.

Getting in touch

Eager to start some lessons? Feel free to contact us at 028 9042 5858 to discuss lesson times and costs. You can also email us with queries at

Birr House Riding Centre is located north east of Belfast.