Children Horse Riding Lessons

Looking to give your children horse riding lessons? You’ve came to the right site. Our experienced instructors can help to get your kids riding and help to fulfil their passion.

Why children should learn to ride

It’s likely your kids won’t need much convincing when it comes to taking up horse riding. However, you as a parent may have your doubts.

There are many health benefits to giving children horse riding lessons. Most don’t realise that it’s a sport and that the balance and movement require is great for developing core strength and improving cardiovascular health. If you’ve been trying to find an active pursuit for your kid, this could be it.

Horse riding is also great on a social level. Your kids will meet other children and make friends. They’ll also learn the importance of looking after their horse, helping to develop a sense of responsibility. If they take to riding, they may also want to eventually compete and do exams, which will give them goals and provide a motivation to keep up the sport.

Our beloved selection of horses are gentle beasts and we have a lot of health and safety in place to stop riders from falling off or getting injured. Giving your children horse riding lessons is certain to satisfy their sense of daring adventure but we’ll always make sure that there isn’t any actual danger.

Why choose us?

Birr House Riding Centre was established in 1974. Since opening, the centre has expanded to include two outdoor schools, one indoor school, a cross country course, a series of jumps and various lecture rooms. Our instructors have lots of experience teaching children and are equipped with all the resources needed to train them from a beginner to an expert. During our time, we have seen many children grow up to become professional riders. However, we also know that all children learn at different rates and we always try to keep our riders at a pace that suits them. No galloping straight away!

I’m an adult and I want to learn to ride too!

Of course, we don’t just offer children horse riding lessons – adults are able to take lessons too. Our training services cater for all abilities, whether you’re riding for the first time, getting back on the saddle after years or taking your passion to a new level. Experts can learn to train horses or become an instructor themselves. There are also opportunities such as jumping and cross country racing on offer for those experienced riders out there that may want to diversify. Feel free to also talk to us about our special events – whilst some details can be found on the site, we welcome any further queries you may have.

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If you or your child are eager to get started, don’t hesitate to call us on 028 9042 5858. We will be able to discuss details with you such as pricing and availability and get you on a saddle in no time.

Alternatively, you can email us at with any inquiries.