Indoor Horse Riding Belfast

Birr Horse Riding Center has been teaching the people if Northern Ireland to ride horses for over 40 years. Our expert support and well-behaved horses have allowed us to work with an array of riders over the years, from complete beginners to professionals looking to brush up on their skills, making us accessible throughout our local community. We’ve worked tirelessly to collect a herd which can accommodate riders of all ages, and we offer a range of services to go along with it.

Riding Lessons

Getting to grips with riding a horse for the first time can be a daunting experience, and is something which should never be attempted alone. Much like driving a car, successfully mastering the art of horse riding is going to take some practice under careful supervision. We’ve worked with students of all ages to provide riding lessons, ranging from the basics to much more complicated maneuvers. Even the timidest of riders will feel at ease once they’ve had the chance to meet our calm and gentle ponies.

British Horse Society

Here at Birr House Riding Center, we’re proud to be a British Horse Society approved center. Our training courses can take you from the very start of your professional horse care journey, preparing you for a career in the equine industry, while providing you with the skills you need to look after your horse. We’re one of the only centers to offer indoor horse riding in Belfast, making our lessons an excellent choice for those with disabilities which can make traditional riding difficult.

The Pony Club

Along with our BHS approval, we’re also prominent members of The Pony Club. This group is centered around providing young people with the opportunity to pursue their passion for these animals, and they have played a significant role in making the UK a formidable force in equine competitions across the world. We can provide membership to The Pony Club, along with hosting our events to give riders the chance to get out in a group. It’s crucial that you book with plenty of notice, as positions fill up quickly.


People have been using horses in competitions for thousands of years. From races to show jumping, today’s equine sport hasn’t changed much from the past. We host regular events for our students, giving them the chance to show off the skills they’ve been building since they started with us, along with creating an entertaining spectacle for members of the public to attend. Our indoor horse riding facilities make it possible to keep the games going, even if the weather turns against us.

There are few activities out there which can provide the same thrill and joy as horse riding. Having the chance to build a bond with an animal like this is a pleasure which few people get to enjoy, and this is a shame. If you’d like to find out more about our services, or would like to make a booking for our lessons, events, or training, feel free to get in contact using the details found listed on our site.