Riding Schools County Down

Horse riding has long been one of the most popular sporting activities across the world. From the very earliest days of human society, people have used these creatures for entertainment, and the same can be said today. Before you can get involved with any competition, though, it’s crucial that you go through the right training to learn how to ride. Here at Birr House Riding Center, we pride ourselves on providing one of the best riding schools County Down has to offer. But what will you learn when you decide to ride with us?

The Basics

Most of the riders who come through our doors are complete beginners or have only had the chance to ride a handful of times. This has given us a wealth of experience when it comes to providing people the necessary knowledge and skills they need to ride a pony, and our methods have developed over the years to create a system which can work for everyone. We’re happy to teach adults and children and have horses of all sizes to meet the requirements of our riders. It won’t take long for even the timidest riders to get started with our riding school in County Down.

Taking It Further

Once you’ve developed the skills to control and ride a pony, it makes sense that you might want to take your education further. We have the resources to provide jumping lessons, advanced riding sessions, and can even help you when it comes to keeping your horse under control when you’re on the road. If you’d like to pursue something like this, it’s worth talking to one of our friendly staff members. We work hard to accommodate the requirements of our students and are eager to help you to build something out of your time with us.

Getting Qualified

Unlike a lot of other horse riding schools in County Down, Birr House is proud to be approved by the British Horse Society. We offer training courses which will teach you to care for ponies, ride them in competitions, and even give you the skills to become an instructor for future students, giving you the chance to build a career from your passion. If you’d like to meet our horses and talk about this sort of course, feel free to give us a call or come along to one of our pony days, with dates found on our website.

While horse riding isn’t as essential as it used to be, there are still loads of people out there who are passionate about this sort of activity. Horse riding schools can be found across County Down, but few offer the full-service training experience which comes with Birr House. If you’d like to get involved with any of our services, it’s always worth booking early, as slots fill up quickly and we can only accommodate a handful of people in each height range. You can find the dates for upcoming events and sessions on our site, but feel free to get in contact for more information.