Disabled Riding Lessons County Down

Birr House Riding Center has been in business for over 40 years. In that time, we’ve had the opportunity to work with a considerable number of riders, ranging from professionals in the field to those who have never met a pony before. This experience has shown us a lot of the challenges which can come with this sort of activity, and this is why we dedicate ourselves to providing an accessible route into the world of equine sports for people of all backgrounds. It doesn’t matter who you are; we can help you to start riding.

Young & Old

It’s excellent when kids get the chance to start nice and early with something like horse riding. This sort of skill can help with their development, teaching them ethics and compassion, along with keeping them fit and improving their motor skills. We don’t just provide lessons for young people, though. Along with this, a large group of our students are adults, with some even enjoying retirement. It takes skills and expertise to be able to work with people of all ages, and we’ve dedicated ourselves to collecting a herd which can suit all of our riders.

All Skills Levels

A lot of people feel daunted when they are thinking about starting their horse riding journey, worried that they will struggle to ride. Equally, when you’ve been riding for a long time, it’s easy to be concerned that the riding school you choose won’t have the resources to match your existing skills. During our time as a riding school, we’ve had the opportunity to work with riders of all skills levels. Not only do we have ponies which can suit different riders, but our team is filled with professional coaches with the right training to develop your skills correctly.


Sharing a connection with an animal like a horse is a beautiful thing, and is something which everyone should have the chance the experience. A lot of riding schools don’t have the resources to help those with disabilities, though. Here at Birr House, we’re proud to offer disabled riding lessons in County Down and are eager to discuss your options if you’re in this position. Our indoor school is perfect for those with limited mobility, as it creates a safe environment which will make you feel comfortable.

Our Horses

We’re incredibly proud of the herd we have at Birr House, consisting of horses from all sorts of backgrounds. We have calm ponies who are great for those just starting, as they won’t get scared and will be patient with your commands. We also have some more lively horses, though, and this gives us the chance to teach students how to compete with these animals. You can come and meet our horses on one of our popular Pony Days. We recommend choosing your riding school carefully, as the pony you end up spending the most time with can do a lot to shape the experience you have. We’ve never had to turn a rider away because they can’t get on with one of our ponies.