Horse Riding Lessons Dundonald

Are you searching for horse riding lessons in Dundonald? Do you want to feel what it's like to sit atop of one of nature's most majestic animals?

At the Birr House Riding Centre, we provide a range of horses and lessons for our customer's requirements. Whether you need adult horse riding lessons or a horse riding school for kids, we have it all!

It doesn't matter if you're a complete beginner or an old hand who's looking to get back in the saddle because our horses suit varying levels of abilities. Plus, with over 40 years of experience, we understand how to concentrate on the individual and not the group as a whole.
Children & Novices

Getting on a horse is understandably scary, especially when you don't know how to communicate with the animal properly. That's why our horse riding lessons are available to children and novices in the form of Pony Days.

We believe that getting used to the dynamics of riding a smaller horse helps our students to progress at a rapid rate while maintaining a high level of safety.
Intermediate & Advanced Riders

Plenty of people start riding and don't continue as they get older. Sometimes, money and time constraints mean that you don't have enough of either resource to carry on with your education. Horse riding lessons at Birr House Riding Centre are competitively priced for this very reason.

However, we also believe in relighting your fire when it comes to the love and passion of horse riding. So, we provide our intermediate and advanced students with the opportunity to enter competitions and appraise their skills against other competitors. Or, you can train to take the exams that you always wanted to pass, yet never got around to completing.

We even tailor our horse riding lessons to a specialisation of your choice. If you show jumping in the Olympics has always been your dream, we can help. Alternatively, for those who prefer longer disciplines, there is cross-country training, too.
Disable Riders

Riding is incredibly therapeutic and cathartic, and we don't think anyone should be left out. Therefore, our horse riding lessons in Dundonald are tailored to the needs of disabled and less able-bodied students.

Our facilities are manufactured with people who don't find horse riding accessible in mind. And, after decades of helping disabled students learn how to ride, we are incredibly proud of this service.
Why Choose Birr House Riding Centre?

Quite simply, horse riding lessons in Dundonald don't come as varied or comprehensive than ours. Regardless of your expertise level, or any ailments you may have, we strive to provide quality lessons to anybody who has a desire to learn.

We don't say anything we can't prove, either. The British Horse Society has approved us since 1974, and we believe that speaks volumes about our services. Whether you want to learn from scratch or take the BHS qualifications, you can trust us to deliver.

Our Horses

If you want to check out the horse on offer, please take a look at our ‘Gallery’ as it showcases our beautiful animals.

All that's left to do is to contact us and book your horse riding lessons in Dundonald now!