Horse Riding Dundonald

Horse riding in Dundonald is accessible to everyone who wants to learn thanks to our horse riding services. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a novice or you want to pick up where you left off because we have the solutions to match your needs.

We’ve been operating in the industry since 1974, which is over 40 years. So, we have the experience and skill to help you hit your horse riding goals. Do you want your children to pick up essential skills that will come in handy in the future? Would you prefer to take the BHS equestrian exams?

With our range of horses and expert teachers, you’ll soon be able to tick your targets off your bucket list!
Why Horse Riding?

There are plenty of other alternatives, so what makes horse riding in Dundonald, or anywhere, special?
You Will Learn Transferable Responsibilities

Okay, the days of riding around the Wild West are long gone. Not many people ride other than recreationally, so it’s hard to see what traits you will pick up that will help you in everyday life. Delver deeper, though, and there are dozens of them.

For one thing, horses are animals that require lots of attention. From mucking out to washing their coat, your routine will teach you the value of hard work. Playing sports doesn’t have this impact!

Also, looking after and maintaining horses is an incredibly rewarding hobby that will fill you with fulfilment.
It’s Outdoor

Some people are fair-weather exercisers. When the weather turns, they run to the gym and work out inside. Horse riding in Dundonald means you’ll spend the majority of time outside, even in the autumn and winter months. Yes, this can be challenging, but you won’t be short of fresh air and exercise.

We do have indoor horse riding services. You can learn more about them here.

Horse Riding Is Social

You’re not alone when you ride a horse. Aside from you and your instructor, there will be a group of people with whom you may become close friends. Let’s face it - everybody can do with an extra mate!

Not only will your support group be bigger, but you’ll lean on each other, too. Therefore, horse riding is more like a community than an individual sport.
How To Choose A Course

At the Birr House Riding Centre, we offer a range of courses so that our customers and clients can choose the one that is the most suitable. Still, we recognise that it can be hard to pick between them if you’re a beginner.

The key is to decide your main aims and goals. For example, children and novices may prefer to start on a pony first to get used to the sensation. More experienced riders can specialise in cross country or equestrianism, too.

If you don’t know where to start, the best option is to contact us now to speak to a knowledgeable and experienced member of our team. We’re happy to give our professional opinion that’s accredited by The British Horse Society.