Disabled Horse Riding Dundonald

At Birr House Riding Center, we firmly believe that horse riding lessons and activities shouldn't be exclusive. That's why we are proud to offer disabled horse riding services in Dundonald. We've been serving the communities of Northern Ireland for over 40 years, and we are dedicated to ensuring that everyone has a fair crack of the whip.

It doesn't matter what ailment you or a loved one may have because we use a combination of quality horses and knowledgeable teachers to create an experience that will last with them forever.

If you want to start riding, we can get you on a horse so that you benefit from the various advantages of our services.
What Are The Advantages?

Whether you or a loved one has a disability, we understand that you want to ensure the course will be the perfect fit. Here is a selection of the benefits students on our disabled horse riding in Dundonald course will experience.
Multi-Sensory Activity

Horse riding is a sport that involves all of the senses. Whereas being on the horse is a thrill, our students also use smell, sight and sound when they complete a range of tasks. For example, the stables encourage people to take in the aromas.

Therefore, horse riding is not exclusive. Regardless of the condition, there will be a way for students to participate and understand our horses.
Increased Confidence & Social Capacity

If meeting new people is tough because of a lack of confidence and esteem, horse riding can bridge the gap. Animals have an incredible effect on people as they encourage them to build relationships. The Riding for the Disabled Association states that this can boost people's confidence levels by as much as 77%.

82% of students are more adept at building and maintaining relationships, too.
Riding Is Therapeutic

Living with a disability is challenging, especially when exercise is essential. Thankfully, horse riding makes the lifestyle easier as it's a powerful form of exercise. Three-quarters of disabled students who participate record an improvement in their physical ability.

Horse riding in Dundonald is a fantastic activity for anyone will an ailment who wants to relieve aches and pains or enhance movement.
It's Fun

Can you think of another way to have more fun than riding on a majestic animal such as a horse? We can't, and we haven't met anybody who can, either!
Our Courses

Our disabled horse riding in Dundonald courses are available to all interested parties. Thanks to our horses, we can start you off on a pony and build up to adults, or you can get going at full speed.

Age isn't an issue, either. Young and old students are welcome to book lessons to keep fit and improve their motor skills. Just contact us for more details.
Indoor Riding Course

Why choose Birr House? The fact that we are approved by the BHS, as well as our years of experience, are significant factors. However, our Indoor Riding Centre allows our students to get to grips with the basics in a safe and secure environment.